Tuesday, July 22, 2008



My new and improved blog site has been started(^.^) and I hope you all stop by sometime soon and check it out. I'll possibly be deleting this blog in the very near future due to technical problems I was having. Also got my animation shop up and running again (its a miracle!) so I can create my cute graphics again and post them in my new blog, Eeeeya.

Thanks Again!


Okay so I've been having technical difficulties with Blogger and updating the header of my layout. I'm not sure what's going on with this site but it isn't letting me remove my images. On that note I will probably be changing my blog location (>.<#) I was thinking of changing the name of the blog as well.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


So I might have a very tiny crush on this new guy that has been coming to a place I frequent on my nights out. Although...I'm still unsure of what to really think of him, something seems slightly off(I'm hoping its just me). He admitted to me tonight about having liked me and how he backed away from me when his friend moved into play. Come to find out his "friend" claimed "age is just a number" to me but was lying to me about his age(of all the things to lie about). If a guy can't show you his ID when you question his age and acts like its a big deal for him to show it to you...he's lying to you obviously(which he was mad at his friend for telling on him).
He felt guilty having tattled on his friend, but I was happy because at least he was being honest with me(he even showed me his ID to prove his age without me asking). Maybe I have just never met a man that would just gush his feelings toward me and pick me over a so-called "friend" and him having felt guilty about it still. Kinda just made me smile(is that odd?). Maybe he is just my Honest Hero of sorts that saved me from yet another terrible dating mistake I might have made otherwise.

Anyway, he seemed unsure as to whether or not he'd show up again tonight when I had asked him but my friend is saying he'll be their(she seems to think he'll show because she thinks we both perhaps like each other...although I have yet to admit anything to her, hah). Just as I had asked him the older friend circled around in his car(apparently waiting outside for me to leave? Can we say...CREEP) . Than my "night in shining armor" sort of backed away from me and my car and looked wide-eyed (O.O) as his LOSER friend drove toward us(what a way to ruin a moment). Than I proceeded to back up in my car as the jerk pulled up behind me(so I flicked him off as I left, can you blame me?!).

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Today was my first day at Urban Outfitters(@ Tysons Corner) and it is full of stuff that I had always seen everywhere but never knew where everyone was purchasing it all from. From Lomography cameras to Vintage Tee's to Neko Cookie Jars and Antler wall hooks, this store is an interesting one! So yea...I just had to get a "Fisheye 2" (>.<) After getting my cars oil changed today down in Fairfax, VA I ventured out to Rockville, MD in hopes of purchasing some food at Maruichi...but by the time I had gotten their(about 6:30pm) it looked like the place was already closed or something...I was so bummed (u.u) Although I had noticed a book on Ikebana at the shop next door, I was very tempted to buy it but I passed on the purchase($.$)

My diet is off to a slow start thus far and I'm getting a little blue under the gills as the economy is taking its toll on me, my family, friends, as well as a lot of other people out their I'm sure. Speaking of "gills" I finally got around to cleaning out my 10gal tank, especially since my bigger tank is already looking a bit yellowed(I have wayyy too many guppies right now). Hopefully I will add some more photos soon but here are some of my purchases from the "Fresh World International Supermarket" in Reston, VA about 2 days ago. Shrimp Crackers $0.89(One of my fav snacks but I think I prefer the BBQ flavor)
Wasabi Peas $1.79(My Ultimate fav snack ^.^ Spicyyy)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Starting when I wake up at 11:30am I am going to run/walk around my neighborhood and eat healthy all this week and see if I can't pick out a gym to join already. I'm only going to weigh myself when I get up and I'm not going to step on the scale again until a week passes(I'm not going to be a slave to the scale any longer). Also I am going to work around my work schedule and try to get a full 8hrs of sleep every day(since I'm currently an insomniac). If I have a lack in posts this week...you'll know why :(

Hopefully it'll be a successful week.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lee Jun Ki

Also apparently known as Lee Jun Gi/Lee Joon Ki/ETC?.He is my Asian crush (*.*) since I watched Leesooyoung's music videos recently, he's soo kawaii!

Fwww...you all will be invited to our weddding don't worry, hehehe. Okay, so let me stick my tongue back in my mouth now :P Did I forget to mention he speaks Japanese(I'm trying to learn) and English(my native tongue) so yeah...we could communicate ya know(heh) and he is older than me which is awesome. Anyway, all I really know of him is what it says in Wikipedia and that he's sooo fetch (^.^) Makes me wanna learn Korean(okayyy, not really) but like...can he atleast come to the US and make it easier on us both?! Haha.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I've had so much fun dancing this Friday & Saturday, I mean...everyone men and women would just start dancing up on me(I love when that happens, haha). I've just been feeling so empowered lately, more so than I have ever felt for the majority of my life(sure drinking 2 coronas probably helped those 2 nights, j/k). I was even the reason why one man that came Friday showed up again on Saturday! So granted I had left the short skirt(unlike Friday)and opted for jeans last night...I still got hit on about as much (>.<) Chuuu...

Friday, July 11, 2008


I got my first pedicure today and wow, it was a better experience than I had imagined it being. I didn't realize how much cuticle they really do cut off around the nails. She also did a really cute white and silver design on my pink colored big toes. Told me how pretty I was too and how she didn't understand why I wasn't married and currently single! Heh...okay, maybe she was looking for a big tip or something(ha-ha).
I went shopping today as well for an outfit to match these pricey Michael Kors heels(as I photographed above) I purchased yesterday at Nordstroms...they are fiercely hot and very "S&M" as my Mom says, Hah. I hate to brag but I believe I have great taste in shoes because I always get tons of compliments on the majority of my shoe picks(although my Mom may disagree with my picks) and I'm pretty good at picking purses too. So, what better than a flirty black school girl skirt which happened to be on sale for $1 at DEBS. Wow what a great bargain and I had no idea it'd be so discounted. Guys were coming onto me left and right tonight, so ladies never under estimate the power of heels and a short skirt (n.n)

Monday, July 7, 2008


I have just landed on the Mother-Ship that is called CLT...

I finally made it into my hotel room in Charlotte, NC at 2 this morning for my recurrent training class. Stoopid flight kept getting delayed at IAD and more delayed and a gate change and another delay...

There is nothing to eat at 2 in the morning in CLT at this bloody hotel. So I have raided the vending machine here where the sky's the limit but with only $7(>.<)I spent about $3 on a cinnamon roll, popcorn and green tea...500 calories later and I could still go for a cheeseburger or something (^.^)'

Well I think I'm going to head over to my nice bath tub in my room here and soak for a bit while I check out my training itinerary for the morning since it's only a few more hours from now. No rest for the weary (u.u)

I heard a funny joke from the pilot on my hotel shuttle bus today it goes like this... Did you hear about Lorena Bobbit dieing today??? She got cut off by some dick. AHAHAHAAAA

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Lately I've been trying to figure out this whole Ikebana ordeal which has caught my interest (O.O)

4th of July is just around the corner this Friday! My x-co-worker AKA Mobo & I are trying to plan something out. We might do the whole firework bit and some gambling, maybe I'll invite some more people to tag along.

I finally received my Lithop seeds through EBay today! They're very tiny so you may not be able to see them in the photo here.

Lithop & Somalense Seeds

While surfing the web recently I came across moli.com as in...HOLY MOLI GUACAMOLE (^.^) Its similar to that of MySpace.com I suppose but...its not of course. I started checking it out but had gotten interrupted, so if anyone has this or decides to check it out after reading this than let me in on the 4-1-1.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I'm meeting up with Ray Michael after work tonight & what a SLOW night it is. BTW is "Ray Michael" like the name "Justin Bobby" from "The Hills" show??

Justin Bobby & Audrina

I mean the having 2 first names bit, CHUU (>.<) Perhaps I watch too many of those fakey reality TV shows (?.?) that is of course when I do actually watch TV since I'm still TV-less in my room after ridding myself of the tiny 13 inch VHS one before. My Mother also suggesting I shouldn't spend ($.$) toward a flat screen since I work in the airline industry, HMPH. Its my money, DAMN*T!

Wow, a really kawaii Asian guy named George just stopped by my department, HOLLA (<3.<3) He thought I was new, hah that's a good one. I had to explain to him how I've been outta town the past 2 weeks...he seemed like maybe he was feelin' me. OKAY I better keep my cool for a second, haha. Besides most of the guys around here are married, BOO for me...or is it??

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Back Again

So my trip to Columbia, SC was a bit exhausting and I'm glade to be back from it all.

When I got back from SC I decided to head off to Rehoboth Beach, DE (I can't help but always be on the go-go) with a friend of mine. It was a decent drive and nice weather. We went to the OC(Ocean City) and Dewey Beach while in the area. We managed to get in some Sea-Doo time which was fun as always. We ate at an awesome seafood place called "Claws Crab House" where the seafood was perfectly cooked, a total must for any seafood lover, they've been in business since 2006 too. So definitely check out the fried oyster appetizer and lobster entree in the Rehoboth area.

Well my arms are sore from the jet-ski's and I'm a lil sun-burnt so it's time to stop blogging for now and get some rest before another fun-filled day of work, ha-ha.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Traveling Fool

I recently got back from my vacation to my hometown in San Diego, CA. It was a nice trip seeing my family and some friends. I'll have to tell you more when I get the chance and post a few pics. Also I brought back plenty of succulents from my Uncles nursery and I was thinking of starting another blog about them...maybe at a later time though.

I'm off to Columbia, SC this weekend for work so...I'm just a traveling fool lately. Might end up going to New York after my week in SC is over. For those of you that don't know I work for an airline company which is always interesting for those of you that keep up with the buzz with airlines.

Today I'm eating breakfast with my Dad since he's off and then going to watch Kung Fu Panda with a friend, I have been waiting years to see this film and I can't wait! Saturday I will hopefully get in some fishing with my latest "boy toy"(whom I mentioned before I believe) and then we're going to buy some plants at a koi nursery for his Mom that's out in Nashville currently which I'm so excited to go...for those of you that don't know of my Asian fetish and love of fish well I guess you wouldn't see the excitement as I do.

As for other news I'm having a lack of posts on here lately due to my Internet not working. I'm currently sneaking onto my parents PC so...hopefully I'll be back up and blogging more again soon.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Lately I've been trying to come up with a design for my bedroom. I'm really wanting to do something along the lines of a High Tech Asian vibe as I'm calling it. For those of you readers that don't know I did sign up on RateMySpace.com (where my Aunt is an avid addict), needless to say I have a rating of 1.7 Stars out for 5, yes...my sorry looking room, hah. Don't believe me...check out the link where I got all defensive over my room(hah) people can be harsh (u.u). Needless to say those photo's don't show everything in my room. Also I have a decent sized walk-in closet that I have been organizing.

So I've been hunting around Google for some high tech ideas, finding lots of interesting fish tank designs, sci-fi lighting and some funky retro furniture and so forth. First and for most...my furniture is staying the same color, it's fairly new(few years old now) and I wish it was dark like all the newer designs are but...its not. I will consider a few minor alterations to it...but that's it. Also...any changes to my white comforter will have to be done via duvet because I loveee my down comforter that I got for $50 since I use to work at KOHLS and got a great bargain(it was around $200 originally).

Someone mentioned zebra is falling out of style but there are tons of people still using it (?.?) so helloooo, its not totally out. I would consider getting rid of it for something else though since my bathroom is totally all decked in zebra but I wouldn't mind keeping it...I think it could possibly tie into the feel I'm going for.

Well, any suggestions, great high-tech bedroom photos, tips/advice would be a great help and inspiration and will be taken into consideration. So pleaseeee...all advice is welcome on this!

His Obsession

Went out with the "Boy-Toy" tonight...did the makeup thing...fun stuff. Although...shows signs of possible obsession with myself...annoying or not?...to be determined at a later time. Also, if you plan a date with someone(days in advance) to eat pizza...would you think that means you will be eating pizza at his place...with his parents no-less and frozen pizza's???! Yelp!

Saw this video on YouTube and although I'm allergic to this...I got a good giggle in here and there.

I gotta check out that "Floral Arrangement Regurgitation" aka F.A.R.(as I have so named it after watching that video) method...J/K.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

What's on My Mind

-Mariah Carey's #1 song...I'm still considering purchasing it(posted on a previous blog).

-How D.T. loser was engaged and the next day he apologized to me because I was right about everything I had said to him (his friends sided with me apparently).

-Who my girl Tila Tequila is going to pick on her show "A Shot at Love 2" (http://youtube.com/user/GwnRespect).

-About the nightmare I had last night. This guy I dissed recently via net I had threatened to fight his Martial Art butt in some Buddhist temple where his Sensei was and some Asian ghostly woman in a blue silk gown started killing other women in the martial art class and stuck a cork-screw type apparatus up one girls butt and then a huge knife...eek(sorry that's how the dream/nightmare went before waking up).

-The whole Kim Kardashian and Ray-J scandalous video...eww(http://vc2.kimksuperstar.com/player.php) but you can check it out at your own risk. Heard about it on the radio the other day.

-To find out what bird has been hiding in the tree at work. At night it sings like a mockingbird but only at night in the same tree(Nightingale?, perhaps).

-Discovering that orthography is the study of writing, because I thought perhaps there as an "Autography"?(my claim to a study in personal signatures) is this maybe something that exists?...think about it.

-Do car bra's come in colors(such as red) and if so, where can I get one and if not...can I be the first to design some?.

-What the heck is up with this retarded WooMe.Com website I came across while surfing the net yesterday...it's speed dating on crack. It makes my computer overload and boots me before my cam loads onto the screen, sucks.

-Why one of my so-called friends has been leaving me hanging. Claiming to call me back but didn't...so not like them. Why they acting sad-like around me? Why won't they come on a trip with me? Why, Why, Whyyyyy? I didn't do anything...did I??

-I also thought up a company name for some products I could create and sell online. It's perhaps some emo/punk/skater/rock type stuff. Oh yeaaaa, I could use it for that local Roller Derby club I've been meaning to create...sweeeet(see I got ideas popping in my lil head all the time, ha ha).

-About my new boy-toy...who stood me up once after our first date but decided to man it up and apologize for it and confess his undying affection toward me, Awwz. Honestly after our nice chat today...I'm kinda diggin him, Ha ha. Also, I'm so embarrassed his Dad heard me giggling with him in his room...Wow. Laughing is totally my worst habit.

Can anyone else help me out here with some of this??? I promise I'm not a natural blonde, ha-ha.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

D.T. Follow-up

So I decided to check on MySpace about that D.T. dude I blogged about earlier.

Found his page, says he's "engaged" and honestly...I believe he is because there are pics of the two of them together and their wedding rings.

Wow, that dude is such a loser. This is why I've been trying to follow my instincts on people because they're always right.

Anyway, I'm not texting or talking to that dude again. When I get my new cell, I really need to change my number. Some people are crazy and randomly call or text me when I've told them I don't like them or to leave me alone. Frickin' stalkers.

You don't grind up on my butt or pull me in close to you or give your number to total strangers when your frickin' married/engaged...dudes a dog. Also whatever financial business he's trying to start according to his page, I can guarantee it'll never happen...just some more of my gut instincts for ya.

Also, he had some nerve to say I looked 3yrs older than I really am when everyone always says the opposite. That pea-brained headed chimp can stick that in his juice box and suck it because I'm still a year younger than his old a**.

Oh guess what, he just now sent me a text asking for pics...maybe now is a good time to call his engaged-self out, hehe.

Meet D.T.

Last night I was told by a man that I should drink more alcohol when at a bar I frequent on Friday nights.

I don't really appreciate someone telling me that, especially from someone that appears to be trying to pick me up. I mean, does he think if I had been wasted that he might have had a chance with me or something?.

Secondly...I replied to him that I use to drink a lot more but I realized I'd rather give my money to people that need it than spend it on beer I really don't need. Which is true of course.

Also...I've never in my life been told that I need to drink or drink more, so I'm feeling rather offended and not at all interested in that guy anymore...not that I was ever feeling him from the beginning.

Has anyone else gone through this before?

Anyway...I just needed to vent all that out.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Monster Butt Kicking

So recently I've found myself becoming a bit of a YouTube.com addict...my mom ran across this Clip from an e-mail my Aunt sent her. Anyway...made me laugh.

Also, I really like Mariah Carey's new song "Touch my Body". Did you happen to catch her on Good Morning America? You know...where she told her backup singer to "Stop singing my song Baby" while performing her song on stage, hehe. Anyway, I might run into Target and buy it for $9.98 :p

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rough Week

Aside from dating odd individuals that lead me on...why am I so gullible to them? eh.
I feel sick from it all really.
I feel fat, bloated, my chest hurts and I keep getting migraines.
I feel like just writing all men off while I'm still standing...
joining a gym...
and figuring out what my goals are in life.
Questioning myself as to why 3 people in 1 week have said I'm "awesome"...
not sure why I am...
I really only have 2 friends and I question why I have them for friends.
Perhaps because they're the only ones that can tolerate me in the long run.
Dear Lord, I could use some assistance here.
Tune in tokyo

This kitty here also had an odd week...hehe.
P.S. My guppy had around 16 fry last Wednesday...her second batch of 'em since 3 months ago.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Heidi Don't

Those of you that know Heidi Montag from “The HillsMTV show she has recently launched her own collection of attire called “Heidiwood”. Looking at her clothing line it consists of 4 tops and 4 bottoms? Nothing you possibly couldn’t stumble upon at Goodwill.

Also, what’s with all the 80’s style rubbish I keep seeing in stores lately? Does anyone think that this may be making a comeback? I myself would rather stick to flares and last years bouffant hairstyle.

Naturally Lauren Conrad aka “LC” from the TV show will be launching her own line on Tuesday. I hope she has developed taste compared to her nemesis Heidi, beside the fact she at least has a college education while Heidi was a dropout. I haven’t noticed LC’s style change since her Laguna Beach days and I’m honestly sick of her black painted fingernails. I really don’t plan on purchasing from either of the two clothing lines to be frank.

If you haven’t watched Heidi’s singing debut, it’s possibly the worst music video ever made. You’ll get a good laugh at watching how ridiculously amateur it truly is…not to mention her horrid singing voice and Skeletor complex whilst trying to seem attractive.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Isle EBay

While I was rummaging around on EBay the other day I came across a person who actually purchases coupons off the website. Okay…I was thinking that was a smidgen much for me that someone can be such a “penny pincher”. Don’t get me wrong, I believe it’s splendid to get bargains on the things you fancy. I can empathize if you really don’t have the currency for a lot of things and how the diminutive things save up for the superior things but I presume this as being a bit too conservative for my personal taste.

Now I came across an expose on MSN about “Secrets of superstar grocery shoppers”. They claim that 30 minutes of Sunday coupon cuttings could save you hundreds of dollars or…at least slash your total payment at the store in half. It’s easy to save money when using coupons of course but does anyone think that because of gas and food prices that people may become co-dependent on coupons? Not because they want to cut coupons out all day but because the economy may not have an alternative in order to afford the things we desire.

Monday, April 14, 2008


I wrote this poem which is typically a rare occasion for me since I usually enjoy creating lyrics but because this has been troubling my thoughts recently, here it is...

Its all lies.
She is yet her Mother’s offspring.
Nonetheless I repudiate to be thy own.
You’re undergoing an affair aren’t you?
One lie takes her on a path to yet another.
She lies in favor of him.
I hear his voice through the line.
I’ve seen the unmentionable photographs.
Please don’t deny this substantiation.
Don’t decay our relation with your ardor for another.
Wish I was valiant enough to come forth and exploit you both.
Yet, I hypothesize I presently did.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Recent poem I wrote about one of my pet fish...

Hearty. Timid. Community dwelling but this one here lives solo.
Contains a single black mark. Short and stout in shape.
Gold in color and a rosy tint during mating.
Tropical and defecates less than your classic comet.
So by all means Mother…STOP calling it a “gold fish”.
Perhaps I should have been an Ichthyologist.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Illuminating Vigor

I find blogs irresistible and furthermore have decided to generate one about my reality and to illustrate that my life is just as exceptional. I compose heaps of blogs although to be quite honest with everyone…this one is merely for myself for a change. Instead of my usual studies, experiments and spiels of relationships I just wanted one to call my own. Furthermore…it gives me something to do at the crack of dawn when I'm not reading others blogs.

“When life gives you lemons make lemonade”
“Take the road less traveled”
“Path to spiritual enlightenment”

Currently enjoying this song by Josh Verdes "Save Me" who recently got engaged through MySpace.