Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rough Week

Aside from dating odd individuals that lead me on...why am I so gullible to them? eh.
I feel sick from it all really.
I feel fat, bloated, my chest hurts and I keep getting migraines.
I feel like just writing all men off while I'm still standing...
joining a gym...
and figuring out what my goals are in life.
Questioning myself as to why 3 people in 1 week have said I'm "awesome"...
not sure why I am...
I really only have 2 friends and I question why I have them for friends.
Perhaps because they're the only ones that can tolerate me in the long run.
Dear Lord, I could use some assistance here.
Tune in tokyo

This kitty here also had an odd week...hehe.
P.S. My guppy had around 16 fry last Wednesday...her second batch of 'em since 3 months ago.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Heidi Don't

Those of you that know Heidi Montag from “The HillsMTV show she has recently launched her own collection of attire called “Heidiwood”. Looking at her clothing line it consists of 4 tops and 4 bottoms? Nothing you possibly couldn’t stumble upon at Goodwill.

Also, what’s with all the 80’s style rubbish I keep seeing in stores lately? Does anyone think that this may be making a comeback? I myself would rather stick to flares and last years bouffant hairstyle.

Naturally Lauren Conrad aka “LC” from the TV show will be launching her own line on Tuesday. I hope she has developed taste compared to her nemesis Heidi, beside the fact she at least has a college education while Heidi was a dropout. I haven’t noticed LC’s style change since her Laguna Beach days and I’m honestly sick of her black painted fingernails. I really don’t plan on purchasing from either of the two clothing lines to be frank.

If you haven’t watched Heidi’s singing debut, it’s possibly the worst music video ever made. You’ll get a good laugh at watching how ridiculously amateur it truly is…not to mention her horrid singing voice and Skeletor complex whilst trying to seem attractive.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Isle EBay

While I was rummaging around on EBay the other day I came across a person who actually purchases coupons off the website. Okay…I was thinking that was a smidgen much for me that someone can be such a “penny pincher”. Don’t get me wrong, I believe it’s splendid to get bargains on the things you fancy. I can empathize if you really don’t have the currency for a lot of things and how the diminutive things save up for the superior things but I presume this as being a bit too conservative for my personal taste.

Now I came across an expose on MSN about “Secrets of superstar grocery shoppers”. They claim that 30 minutes of Sunday coupon cuttings could save you hundreds of dollars or…at least slash your total payment at the store in half. It’s easy to save money when using coupons of course but does anyone think that because of gas and food prices that people may become co-dependent on coupons? Not because they want to cut coupons out all day but because the economy may not have an alternative in order to afford the things we desire.

Monday, April 14, 2008


I wrote this poem which is typically a rare occasion for me since I usually enjoy creating lyrics but because this has been troubling my thoughts recently, here it is...

Its all lies.
She is yet her Mother’s offspring.
Nonetheless I repudiate to be thy own.
You’re undergoing an affair aren’t you?
One lie takes her on a path to yet another.
She lies in favor of him.
I hear his voice through the line.
I’ve seen the unmentionable photographs.
Please don’t deny this substantiation.
Don’t decay our relation with your ardor for another.
Wish I was valiant enough to come forth and exploit you both.
Yet, I hypothesize I presently did.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Recent poem I wrote about one of my pet fish...

Hearty. Timid. Community dwelling but this one here lives solo.
Contains a single black mark. Short and stout in shape.
Gold in color and a rosy tint during mating.
Tropical and defecates less than your classic comet.
So by all means Mother…STOP calling it a “gold fish”.
Perhaps I should have been an Ichthyologist.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Illuminating Vigor

I find blogs irresistible and furthermore have decided to generate one about my reality and to illustrate that my life is just as exceptional. I compose heaps of blogs although to be quite honest with everyone…this one is merely for myself for a change. Instead of my usual studies, experiments and spiels of relationships I just wanted one to call my own. Furthermore…it gives me something to do at the crack of dawn when I'm not reading others blogs.

“When life gives you lemons make lemonade”
“Take the road less traveled”
“Path to spiritual enlightenment”

Currently enjoying this song by Josh Verdes "Save Me" who recently got engaged through MySpace.