Thursday, June 26, 2008


I'm meeting up with Ray Michael after work tonight & what a SLOW night it is. BTW is "Ray Michael" like the name "Justin Bobby" from "The Hills" show??

Justin Bobby & Audrina

I mean the having 2 first names bit, CHUU (>.<) Perhaps I watch too many of those fakey reality TV shows (?.?) that is of course when I do actually watch TV since I'm still TV-less in my room after ridding myself of the tiny 13 inch VHS one before. My Mother also suggesting I shouldn't spend ($.$) toward a flat screen since I work in the airline industry, HMPH. Its my money, DAMN*T!

Wow, a really kawaii Asian guy named George just stopped by my department, HOLLA (<3.<3) He thought I was new, hah that's a good one. I had to explain to him how I've been outta town the past 2 weeks...he seemed like maybe he was feelin' me. OKAY I better keep my cool for a second, haha. Besides most of the guys around here are married, BOO for me...or is it??

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Back Again

So my trip to Columbia, SC was a bit exhausting and I'm glade to be back from it all.

When I got back from SC I decided to head off to Rehoboth Beach, DE (I can't help but always be on the go-go) with a friend of mine. It was a decent drive and nice weather. We went to the OC(Ocean City) and Dewey Beach while in the area. We managed to get in some Sea-Doo time which was fun as always. We ate at an awesome seafood place called "Claws Crab House" where the seafood was perfectly cooked, a total must for any seafood lover, they've been in business since 2006 too. So definitely check out the fried oyster appetizer and lobster entree in the Rehoboth area.

Well my arms are sore from the jet-ski's and I'm a lil sun-burnt so it's time to stop blogging for now and get some rest before another fun-filled day of work, ha-ha.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Traveling Fool

I recently got back from my vacation to my hometown in San Diego, CA. It was a nice trip seeing my family and some friends. I'll have to tell you more when I get the chance and post a few pics. Also I brought back plenty of succulents from my Uncles nursery and I was thinking of starting another blog about them...maybe at a later time though.

I'm off to Columbia, SC this weekend for work so...I'm just a traveling fool lately. Might end up going to New York after my week in SC is over. For those of you that don't know I work for an airline company which is always interesting for those of you that keep up with the buzz with airlines.

Today I'm eating breakfast with my Dad since he's off and then going to watch Kung Fu Panda with a friend, I have been waiting years to see this film and I can't wait! Saturday I will hopefully get in some fishing with my latest "boy toy"(whom I mentioned before I believe) and then we're going to buy some plants at a koi nursery for his Mom that's out in Nashville currently which I'm so excited to go...for those of you that don't know of my Asian fetish and love of fish well I guess you wouldn't see the excitement as I do.

As for other news I'm having a lack of posts on here lately due to my Internet not working. I'm currently sneaking onto my parents PC so...hopefully I'll be back up and blogging more again soon.