Friday, May 9, 2008


Lately I've been trying to come up with a design for my bedroom. I'm really wanting to do something along the lines of a High Tech Asian vibe as I'm calling it. For those of you readers that don't know I did sign up on (where my Aunt is an avid addict), needless to say I have a rating of 1.7 Stars out for 5, sorry looking room, hah. Don't believe me...check out the link where I got all defensive over my room(hah) people can be harsh (u.u). Needless to say those photo's don't show everything in my room. Also I have a decent sized walk-in closet that I have been organizing.

So I've been hunting around Google for some high tech ideas, finding lots of interesting fish tank designs, sci-fi lighting and some funky retro furniture and so forth. First and for furniture is staying the same color, it's fairly new(few years old now) and I wish it was dark like all the newer designs are but...its not. I will consider a few minor alterations to it...but that's it. Also...any changes to my white comforter will have to be done via duvet because I loveee my down comforter that I got for $50 since I use to work at KOHLS and got a great bargain(it was around $200 originally).

Someone mentioned zebra is falling out of style but there are tons of people still using it (?.?) so helloooo, its not totally out. I would consider getting rid of it for something else though since my bathroom is totally all decked in zebra but I wouldn't mind keeping it...I think it could possibly tie into the feel I'm going for.

Well, any suggestions, great high-tech bedroom photos, tips/advice would be a great help and inspiration and will be taken into consideration. So pleaseeee...all advice is welcome on this!

His Obsession

Went out with the "Boy-Toy" tonight...did the makeup stuff. Although...shows signs of possible obsession with myself...annoying or not? be determined at a later time. Also, if you plan a date with someone(days in advance) to eat pizza...would you think that means you will be eating pizza at his place...with his parents no-less and frozen pizza's???! Yelp!

Saw this video on YouTube and although I'm allergic to this...I got a good giggle in here and there.

I gotta check out that "Floral Arrangement Regurgitation" aka F.A.R.(as I have so named it after watching that video) method...J/K.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

What's on My Mind

-Mariah Carey's #1 song...I'm still considering purchasing it(posted on a previous blog).

-How D.T. loser was engaged and the next day he apologized to me because I was right about everything I had said to him (his friends sided with me apparently).

-Who my girl Tila Tequila is going to pick on her show "A Shot at Love 2" (

-About the nightmare I had last night. This guy I dissed recently via net I had threatened to fight his Martial Art butt in some Buddhist temple where his Sensei was and some Asian ghostly woman in a blue silk gown started killing other women in the martial art class and stuck a cork-screw type apparatus up one girls butt and then a huge knife...eek(sorry that's how the dream/nightmare went before waking up).

-The whole Kim Kardashian and Ray-J scandalous video...eww( but you can check it out at your own risk. Heard about it on the radio the other day.

-To find out what bird has been hiding in the tree at work. At night it sings like a mockingbird but only at night in the same tree(Nightingale?, perhaps).

-Discovering that orthography is the study of writing, because I thought perhaps there as an "Autography"?(my claim to a study in personal signatures) is this maybe something that exists?...think about it.

-Do car bra's come in colors(such as red) and if so, where can I get one and if not...can I be the first to design some?.

-What the heck is up with this retarded WooMe.Com website I came across while surfing the net's speed dating on crack. It makes my computer overload and boots me before my cam loads onto the screen, sucks.

-Why one of my so-called friends has been leaving me hanging. Claiming to call me back but didn' not like them. Why they acting sad-like around me? Why won't they come on a trip with me? Why, Why, Whyyyyy? I didn't do anything...did I??

-I also thought up a company name for some products I could create and sell online. It's perhaps some emo/punk/skater/rock type stuff. Oh yeaaaa, I could use it for that local Roller Derby club I've been meaning to create...sweeeet(see I got ideas popping in my lil head all the time, ha ha).

-About my new boy-toy...who stood me up once after our first date but decided to man it up and apologize for it and confess his undying affection toward me, Awwz. Honestly after our nice chat today...I'm kinda diggin him, Ha ha. Also, I'm so embarrassed his Dad heard me giggling with him in his room...Wow. Laughing is totally my worst habit.

Can anyone else help me out here with some of this??? I promise I'm not a natural blonde, ha-ha.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

D.T. Follow-up

So I decided to check on MySpace about that D.T. dude I blogged about earlier.

Found his page, says he's "engaged" and honestly...I believe he is because there are pics of the two of them together and their wedding rings.

Wow, that dude is such a loser. This is why I've been trying to follow my instincts on people because they're always right.

Anyway, I'm not texting or talking to that dude again. When I get my new cell, I really need to change my number. Some people are crazy and randomly call or text me when I've told them I don't like them or to leave me alone. Frickin' stalkers.

You don't grind up on my butt or pull me in close to you or give your number to total strangers when your frickin' married/engaged...dudes a dog. Also whatever financial business he's trying to start according to his page, I can guarantee it'll never happen...just some more of my gut instincts for ya.

Also, he had some nerve to say I looked 3yrs older than I really am when everyone always says the opposite. That pea-brained headed chimp can stick that in his juice box and suck it because I'm still a year younger than his old a**.

Oh guess what, he just now sent me a text asking for pics...maybe now is a good time to call his engaged-self out, hehe.

Meet D.T.

Last night I was told by a man that I should drink more alcohol when at a bar I frequent on Friday nights.

I don't really appreciate someone telling me that, especially from someone that appears to be trying to pick me up. I mean, does he think if I had been wasted that he might have had a chance with me or something?.

Secondly...I replied to him that I use to drink a lot more but I realized I'd rather give my money to people that need it than spend it on beer I really don't need. Which is true of course.

Also...I've never in my life been told that I need to drink or drink more, so I'm feeling rather offended and not at all interested in that guy anymore...not that I was ever feeling him from the beginning.

Has anyone else gone through this before?

Anyway...I just needed to vent all that out.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Monster Butt Kicking

So recently I've found myself becoming a bit of a mom ran across this Clip from an e-mail my Aunt sent her. Anyway...made me laugh.

Also, I really like Mariah Carey's new song "Touch my Body". Did you happen to catch her on Good Morning America? You know...where she told her backup singer to "Stop singing my song Baby" while performing her song on stage, hehe. Anyway, I might run into Target and buy it for $9.98 :p