Thursday, July 17, 2008


Today was my first day at Urban Outfitters(@ Tysons Corner) and it is full of stuff that I had always seen everywhere but never knew where everyone was purchasing it all from. From Lomography cameras to Vintage Tee's to Neko Cookie Jars and Antler wall hooks, this store is an interesting one! So yea...I just had to get a "Fisheye 2" (>.<) After getting my cars oil changed today down in Fairfax, VA I ventured out to Rockville, MD in hopes of purchasing some food at Maruichi...but by the time I had gotten their(about 6:30pm) it looked like the place was already closed or something...I was so bummed (u.u) Although I had noticed a book on Ikebana at the shop next door, I was very tempted to buy it but I passed on the purchase($.$)

My diet is off to a slow start thus far and I'm getting a little blue under the gills as the economy is taking its toll on me, my family, friends, as well as a lot of other people out their I'm sure. Speaking of "gills" I finally got around to cleaning out my 10gal tank, especially since my bigger tank is already looking a bit yellowed(I have wayyy too many guppies right now). Hopefully I will add some more photos soon but here are some of my purchases from the "Fresh World International Supermarket" in Reston, VA about 2 days ago. Shrimp Crackers $0.89(One of my fav snacks but I think I prefer the BBQ flavor)
Wasabi Peas $1.79(My Ultimate fav snack ^.^ Spicyyy)


Anonymous said...

That sucks about Rockville! That's weird that they were closed at 6:30 on a Thursday... Oh wait! They take a week off for Obon!

Yay, I can't wait to see your Fisheye photos! I love mine, it's a lot of fun.

Shady Panda said...

Ohhh...well maybe after Obon I will have to try again ^.^

Yea I can't wait to get finished taking all my photos, I bought film yesterday...I just hope I put the film in correctly and that the 35mm film works well...I'm so use to digital cams(mainly my cell cam), eep. Now I just need to find things to take pics of(..')