Friday, July 11, 2008


I got my first pedicure today and wow, it was a better experience than I had imagined it being. I didn't realize how much cuticle they really do cut off around the nails. She also did a really cute white and silver design on my pink colored big toes. Told me how pretty I was too and how she didn't understand why I wasn't married and currently single! Heh...okay, maybe she was looking for a big tip or something(ha-ha).
I went shopping today as well for an outfit to match these pricey Michael Kors heels(as I photographed above) I purchased yesterday at Nordstroms...they are fiercely hot and very "S&M" as my Mom says, Hah. I hate to brag but I believe I have great taste in shoes because I always get tons of compliments on the majority of my shoe picks(although my Mom may disagree with my picks) and I'm pretty good at picking purses too. So, what better than a flirty black school girl skirt which happened to be on sale for $1 at DEBS. Wow what a great bargain and I had no idea it'd be so discounted. Guys were coming onto me left and right tonight, so ladies never under estimate the power of heels and a short skirt (n.n)


Lola said...

Those shoes are gorgeous! They were worth the price, and besides, they were offset by the super cheap skirt.

By the way, the new colors for the site are looking very cute.

Shady Panda said...

Haha, I know it sounds a bit crazy to buy a $1 skirt for a hundred dollar pair of pumps(just the way it is sometimes, haha) but I'm def better at picking pumps and purses than an entire outfit to wear, lol. Not that anyone was really complaining, hehe.