Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lee Jun Ki

Also apparently known as Lee Jun Gi/Lee Joon Ki/ETC?.He is my Asian crush (*.*) since I watched Leesooyoung's music videos recently, he's soo kawaii!

Fwww...you all will be invited to our weddding don't worry, hehehe. Okay, so let me stick my tongue back in my mouth now :P Did I forget to mention he speaks Japanese(I'm trying to learn) and English(my native tongue) so yeah...we could communicate ya know(heh) and he is older than me which is awesome. Anyway, all I really know of him is what it says in Wikipedia and that he's sooo fetch (^.^) Makes me wanna learn Korean(okayyy, not really) but like...can he atleast come to the US and make it easier on us both?! Haha.

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