Saturday, July 19, 2008


So I might have a very tiny crush on this new guy that has been coming to a place I frequent on my nights out. Although...I'm still unsure of what to really think of him, something seems slightly off(I'm hoping its just me). He admitted to me tonight about having liked me and how he backed away from me when his friend moved into play. Come to find out his "friend" claimed "age is just a number" to me but was lying to me about his age(of all the things to lie about). If a guy can't show you his ID when you question his age and acts like its a big deal for him to show it to you...he's lying to you obviously(which he was mad at his friend for telling on him).
He felt guilty having tattled on his friend, but I was happy because at least he was being honest with me(he even showed me his ID to prove his age without me asking). Maybe I have just never met a man that would just gush his feelings toward me and pick me over a so-called "friend" and him having felt guilty about it still. Kinda just made me smile(is that odd?). Maybe he is just my Honest Hero of sorts that saved me from yet another terrible dating mistake I might have made otherwise.

Anyway, he seemed unsure as to whether or not he'd show up again tonight when I had asked him but my friend is saying he'll be their(she seems to think he'll show because she thinks we both perhaps like each other...although I have yet to admit anything to her, hah). Just as I had asked him the older friend circled around in his car(apparently waiting outside for me to leave? Can we say...CREEP) . Than my "night in shining armor" sort of backed away from me and my car and looked wide-eyed (O.O) as his LOSER friend drove toward us(what a way to ruin a moment). Than I proceeded to back up in my car as the jerk pulled up behind me(so I flicked him off as I left, can you blame me?!).


Anonymous said...

Whoa, wtf is up with that guy's "friend!?" What a complete creep-o.

Shady Panda said...

Exactly, he even had enough nerve to come again on Saturday night although the "honest hero" didn't show up. So he talked to some uggy lookin lady all night but I believe he left empty handed(hah).